Dec. 20, 2012

for those who don't know, Loreen was suppose to give a speech on human rights in parliament yesterday. Just a few hours before it would start, for some reason, so she cancelled it. And today they wrote this in the News paper "Aftonbladet":

(Translation by Ajda)

Loreen collapsed out of tiredness [English translation]
Yesterday Loreen Talhaoui, 29, would have held a speech on human rights in the Swedish Parliament, in relation to a conference.

But the speech was canceled at short notice.
- Her agent told us just a few hours before she was supposed to hold the speech. Loreen could not announce it herself Because she was sleeping, says Wästberg, coordinator of the Conference Raoul Wallenberg 2012th

"Completely exhausted '
Loreen canceled the event after a physical collapse. Early on Wednesday morning the Eurovision winner flew to Sweden from Germany where she had made some promotion. According To Aftonbladet she's worn herself out.
- When she came to Sweden she just collapsed out of tiredness. She was completely exhausted, says Wästberg.
Loreen showed her commitment to human rights issues when she visited two Organizations During the Eurovision Song Contest held in Baku, the capital of the Dictator Ruled country Azerbaijan.

"She's sorry"
The artist is sorry to have had to cancel her speech.
- She is very sorry, but When You talkabout Such important things she wants to be on top. She had been looking forward to this but she's very tired. She really thinks it's sad That she had to cancel it, says Loreens press contact Lili Assefa.

She states overpriced That Loreen isn'ta burned out.
- But she's very tired, just like many others are at the end of the year, Following a hugely intensive period of work with a lot of traveling. Since the launch of the album, she has been constantly traveling. The chances she has in Europe right now is fantastic, there are few who Received this after Eurovision, she says.

Been busy
A person close to Loreen Says That the workload has been debilitating.
- For various reasons, she doing now? Had any longer time off, That might havebeen needed. It has gone from almost zero to a hundred and ten in just one year, the source said.


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